Race-Class Narrative

Core Findings

Read topline results here

Over the last year,  Ian Haney López (author Dog Whistle Politics) and Demos partnered with ASO Communications to explore how people think about race, class and government. Our findings conclusively demonstrate that talking about race isn't merely possible -- it's essential to progressive victories. 

Detailed Results

We conducted this research both nationally and through a deeper dive in four states: California, Indiana, Ohio and Minnesota.

Full national report (c4 version)

California full report (c4 version)

California handout (c3 version)

California LiveStream Presentation

Indiana full report (c4 version)

Indiana handout (c4 version)

Ohio full report (c4 version)

Ohio handout (c4 version)

Minnesota full report (c4 version)

Minnesota handout (c4 version)

Media Coverage of Research

Immigrant Rights Style Guide

Applying the lessons of the race-class narrative as well as previous research, here's a compact resource for reframing issues from the horrific separation of children from their parents to making an affirmative case for a roadmap to citizenship. 

Messaging Handbook

Applying the lessons from projects on issues from education to reproductive health and from climate change to economic justice, this handbook offers best practices and practical advice for words to embrace and avoid. 

General Research Findings

Framing 101

Learn the basics of framing in this online class, with readings and exercises from the Resistance School.

Messaging This Moment

Master core messaging lessons for issues across the political spectrum.

Messaging Strategy for Campaigns

Discover why Democrats try to win by understanding public opinion while Republicans win by reshaping it.

Messaging "for the children"

Examine why the go-to "invest in kids" message we rely on isn't just mealy-mouthed, it's backfiring. 

Messaging Money Matters

Understand how the passive way we describe problems undermines our calls to solve them. 

Advocating for Asylum

Explore findings from research in Australia to fire up the base and persuade the middle.