Economic Justice

Herramientas Digitales: Financiar Nuestro Futuro

Esta es una herramienta digital para ganar la narrativa para proveer atención médica, los servicios y el apoyo que nuestras familias necesitan al asegurar que las corporaciones ricas y los multimillonarios nos paguen lo que deben.

Fund Our Future: Digital Toolkit

This is a digital toolkit for winning the narrative to fund the care, support and services our families need by making sure wealthy corporations and billionaires pay us what they owe. Please share far and wide so that we can create a system where we all can thrive.

Rescue Package Messaging Guide

A memo on how to celebrate what we secured, what we are organizing to deliver next, and how to counter opposition distractions.

Inflation Reduction Act

Messaging to mobilize our base and persuade the conflicted regarding the latest win we’ve delivered for working families through the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Telling the Real Story on Rising Prices

Messaging guidance to help break through the noise and connect the dots for voters regarding the prices they pay at the pump and how corporations are profiting.

Gig Work Messaging

Testing results and creative content designed to persuade and mobilize drivers and riders to exert pressure on app-corporations such as Uber and Lyft.