Our Approach

Image of protesters kneeling with heads down and fists raised

Our Approach

Image of large windmills across farmland

Don’t Take The Temperature,
Change It

Conventional wisdom says to meet people where they are. But, on most issues, where they are is unacceptable. Applying tools from cognition and linguistics, we uncover where people are capable of going and how to use our words, images and stories to move them.

Image of a black hand and a white hand making peace signs

What You Fight,
You Feed

Progressive messages often lead with “no” and “don’t.” We rely on fear and anger — reactive emotions. To sustain long-term movements, we must shift from cataloging what we’re resisting to painting a desirable portrait of the world we seek.

Image of a dandelion with petals being blown by wind

Engage the Base,
Persuade the Middle

If your words don’t spread, by definition, they don’t work. To break a signal through the incessant political noise requires constant repetition. That’s why our messages must persuade the middle while also energizing the base.

"Our Approach" Photographer: Clay Banks (colour grading/touch ups)      
 "Don't Take The Temperature, Change It" Photographer: Gonz (colour grading/touch ups)    
 "What You Fight, You Feed" Photographer: Priscilla Du Preez (colour grading/touch ups)    
"Engage The Base, Persuade The Middle" Photographer: Saad Chaudhry (colour grading/touch ups/elements altered)